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Define your direction, sharpen your decisions and discover how to implement inbound marketing with our consultancy services. We offer a range of strategic services.

Free Consultation

To get optimal results from an inbound marketing approach, a good strategic foundation is vital. We offer a range of consultancy services, from in-depth go-to-market programmes through to one-off business proposition workshops.


This intensive program is recommended for a start up or company looking to reposition or rapidly accelerate their growth. This programme is an in depth immersive process; over a few weeks we’ll take a deep dive into your organisation. We’ll learn about your technology, understand its USPs, the competitive landscape and route to market. We’ll also discuss your business objectives, review your current sales & marketing infrastructure – both the people and the processes. You’ll then be presented the following findings:

  • A Go-To-Market strategy
  • Buyer personas
  • An optimal marketing set-up – people & processes
  • A 3-month activation plan – showing the integrated tactics that will get your marketing engine up and running
  • This program is recommended for a startup or a company looking to reposition/rapidly accelerate growth


This workshop is a great starting point for shifting to an inbound focus. It can also be used for stand alone projects such as a new product launch or campaigning to a new audience. It will helps you define your unique selling proposition and ensure it’s relevant to your target audience. These are half-day workshops which are accompanied by a full recommendation report with an optional messaging framework. The aim is to understand your business and goals, the USPs of your technology, your target audience and create a compelling value proposition.

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